Khalil Myroad

I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and raised by my Turkish parents, with a twin brother and, two other sibiigs in a small town in a region called Netanya. I left home at the age of 20 searching for a better life. At the age of 21, I decided to move back to Tel Aviv to further my education and improve myself as a human being.

During my time in Tel Aviv, I was mostly in the "night-clubs" scene.

in 2011 during the Protests in Tel Aviv i've took back my camera and started to capturing the unforgettable moment.


By the age of 28 I've been blessed with two amazing boys through a surrogacy process.


By the age of 30 I left Tel Aviv again to live in an Ecological farm in the Southern part of Israel - The Negev desert.


When I lived there I opened my mind to wider spectrum of live.

Spirtuality, Sexuality, Gender, Ecology, Sustainability, Communication, Arts & Crafts, DIY, Psychedelic Journeys - became to be my life aspects. 

What defines me is the fact that I am a hopeless believer in unconditional LOVE, no matter how warped today’s world appears. 

I also went to University—four times. I hold a political science BA degree from a Tel Aviv university, and a African Studies MA degree by Ben Gurion University. With photography taking the lead I've been travelled to 43 countries around the globe.

Photography started as a must course in High school to keep me busy in my free time. It became my number one passion in 2019 when I started a project for the "Sin Ethics” - BDSM biggest party in Tel Aviv.

Ever since, framing moments has evolved into a passion that fills my heart, mind, soul and imagination. Whenever I am not working, I am taking pictures, which can mean either I am never “working” or never take days off—You decide it. Some people would call me an workaholic, but the truth is that I never feel like I am working when I have a camera in my hand and a subject in front of me.
I also love watching movies while dissecting the light set up and color grading used in those movies.

Khalil Myroad

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